Short Story: Verser

I just read a great award-winning short story by Robert JV Christensen called Verser. For me, it was like a shout-out to Ender’s Game and the Otherland series. It’s action-packed, the characters are easy to relate to, and the story is gripping. I highly recommend it!

How to Write like an Octopus

Welcome back, my inklings!  Here is the science fiction adventure tale “Verser” which won first place in the Constellation 6 writing contest at the beginning of May.  I hope you enjoy it!

by Robert JV Christensen

Hail’s heart was pounding as he sprinted through the smoldering city streets while fire-arcs, like bolts of lightning, cascaded down around him slashing deep wounds into the ancient steel skyscrapers.  He held a toddler, in his arms as he ran, sheltering him as best as he could.
“Hold on, Harp,” Hail said to him.  The boy, shaking with fear, could only cry.  He winced and shrieked as a loud crash let Hail know that another building was coming down nearby.
Holding Harp tightly, Hail leapt from where he stood up a few stories to the roof of a nearby parking garage.  Casting a hasty glance up at the sky, he saw the sun…

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The Event Cycle

If you enjoyed Ceallach and are anxious for more, rest assured that it is in the works!  In the meantime, get a taste of what’s happening in the rest of Kelly’s universe; The Event Cycle is a collection of short stories and flash fiction which takes place there.  If you’ve been wondering what’s happened, check out The Event Cycle.  Each story is a story in itself but, taken together, they offer a glimpse into Kelly’s universe and hints about how things are changing.  This collection of stories will continue to grow as the story-line progresses.  Enjoy!