Short Works

The Hills

In Colorado, they’re called the Rockies.  In Virginia, the Blue Ridge.  In Nebraska, they’re just called the hills.  If you’re in the Platte valley, you might hear them called the north hills or the south hills, but they’re pretty much the same:  wide open, rolling pasture crisscrossed by more fences than gravel roads.  A lot can happen in the hills that nobody would every find out about.  A lot has…

Scary sTory

Here’s an idea I’m kicking around.  It’s a little rough but I think it is already starting to get the flavor that I’m looking for.  Give it a read and tell me what you think.

The Event Cycle

If you enjoyed Ceallach and are anxious for more, rest assured that it is in the works!  In the meantime, get a taste of what’s happening in the rest of Kelly’s universe; The Event Cycle is a collection of short stories and flash fiction which takes place there.  Each story is a story in itself but, taken together, they offer a glimpse into Kelly’s universe and hints about how things are changing.  This collection of stories will continue to grow as the story-line progresses.  Enjoy!

The Tombola

Gray light filtered through the fog that floated just above the trees, not yet burned off by the mid-morning sun.  The legs of his pants were heavy with dew that clung to the new grass and made the spider webs glisten.  The small clearing was quiet except for the sounds his spade made as he broke the topsoil, and for the tittering of a few chickens around the yard…


The end comes as a series of choices…

The Doorbell

The doorbell rings, and I nearly jump out of my skin.

What did I do?

It is completely unexpected, this interruption of darkened silence by the sudden and simple “dong” of the electric bell.  I fumble around trying to put my thoughts—myself—together.  Heart rate screaming, my first response of feeling “caught” turns to anger at whoever rang the bell.


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