About this site…

This site is for those of us who notice the woods we can’t see beneath when we drive past, the abandoned and dilapidated building with peeling white paint beside the railroad, the lone tree atop a grassy hill which whispers of an untold history, and we ask, “What if?”  The possibilities are endless and only limited by our imaginations.

Give your imagination some running room.  If you’re looking for a long read, check out “Books.”  Or, if you want a quick five-minute fix, check out “Short Works.”

About me…

I’m a writer of things and a teacher of writing.  I write speculative fiction but also science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other things.  I research medieval literature and focus on Old English, Middle English, and Latin.  I look for structures and patterns which survive through time but also evolve through retelling.  I teach High School English because I believe communicating our ideas clearly is one of the most important skills we can possess; communication brings us together and also pushes us forward.

My Amazon.com author page can be found by clicking here.

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