Ceallach (High Kings Book 1) — 2012

In a remote canyon deep in the Nebraska sand hills, a mystery is uncovered which leads Kelly on a fantastical quest to rescue his kidnapped son; the quest is one of personal discovery and the discovery of mythical lands and peoples through which he must navigate to find his son.

Kelly is a prior Marine who has returned to Nebraska and his family’s ranch with his wife and son. With increasing occurrences of strange events and the kidnapping of his son, Kelly’s wish to settle down is quickly dashed. He sets out with his brother and two unlikely college professors to rescue his son. Their quest takes them through a mysterious gateway into an ancient and mythical world inhabited by two opposing populations on the brink of war. Kelly must lead his party through the dangers of the foreign world while contending with its people and their prophecies. Why was Kelly’s son kidnapped? In finding the answer, Kelly discovers who his ancestors were and what he and his son have inherited.

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