The Hills

The Hills – 3:  Ridgeline

Alex unconsciously dropped his phone onto the seat beside him.  He was staring out of the window, looking along the highway leading out of town from where they were stopped at the flashing red light.  He could see the highway curve away as it passed out of Ridgeline and out of sight, and above that was the sunset.

Alex was speechless.  The sunset was huge, the sky a bright pallet of colors, oranges and reds, purples and blues the higher he looked.  He had never seen such a sunset before.  In the comfortable world of trees that he was used to, these kinds of things were always hidden… (continue reading).

The Hills – 2:  The Move

Well, they were going to move again.  Right in the middle of the school year, too.  A new town, a new school, new friends.  It just wasn’t something Alex wanted to do again.  He knew it wasn’t worth arguing, though.  At supper, his father told them that they were moving in three weeks, and that was just the way it was going to be.

Alex lay on his single bed in the small bedroom that was his… (continue reading).

The Hills – 1:  Out of Range

In Colorado, they’re called the Rockies.  In Virginia, the Blue Ridge.  In Nebraska, they’re just called the hills.  If you’re in the Platte Valley, you might hear them called the north hills or the south hills, but they’re pretty much the same:  wide open, rolling pasture crisscrossed by few fences and fewer gravel roads.  A lot can happen in the hills that nobody would every find out about.  A lot has.

Riley had never given them much thought, but as he waited in the old Ford pickup, he found himself staring out across them toward the sunset… (continue reading)