The Hills – 3: Ridgeline, now available to read!

Enjoy chapter 3!

The Hills – 3:  Ridgeline

Alex unconsciously dropped his phone onto the seat beside him.  He was staring out of the window, looking along the highway leading out of town from where they were stopped at the flashing red light.  He could see the highway curve away as it passed out of Ridgeline and out of sight, and above that was the sunset.

Alex was speechless.  The sunset was huge, the sky a bright pallet of colors, oranges and reds, purples and blues the higher he looked.  He had never seen such a sunset before.  In the comfortable world of trees that he was used to, these kinds of things were always hidden… (continue reading).

A new serial to read while you’re stuck at home…

Well, as I now find myself with more time at home than usual, I thought I would try something new:  a serial!  You may have read a short story I posted here a few years ago called The Hills.  I’ve decided to continue it.

I’ve made that first story into a chapter:  1:  Out of Range.

Now you can read the next chapter, too:  2:  The Move.

My goal is to post a new chapter every day or two, depending on how things go.  Enjoy!